Release Date: June 3, 1984

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We recorded this record in about 2 weeks at Phase One Studios in Toronto on a small budget. We were so stoked to be in the studio making our first record, and you can feel that energy on this album.  The songs are fresh and basic. Everything done on 2 inch, 24 track tape, and has that great analog warmth to the sound.  We took the tapes to Farmyard Studio in England to be mixed, and the result was fantastic.  The album was a hit right out of the box…..things happened very quickly after that.

Album Tracks

  • New Girl Now

  • Burning in Love

  • Wave Babies

  • Stay in the Light

  • Now That You Got Me

  • Funny Business

  • Heart on Fire

  • Turn My Head

  • Its Your Heart

  • Face to Face

  • Buy Now