Release Date: October 15, 1991

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Monsters Under the Bed (Released Oct./1991):  This was recorded and mixed at the legendary Le Studio in Quebec.  It was produced by Paul Northfield, who had worked with Rush, Queensryche and Dream Theater.

Dave Betts and Gary Lalonde had left the band, and Jorn Anderson (Alannah Miles) and Steve Webster (Billy Idol) were brought in to record the drum and bass tracks.  The result was a different,  more mature sound for Honeymoon Suite, full of deeper songs and new subject matter with layers of lush keyboard tracks provided by Ray Coburn, and some of Derry’s best guitar work to date.  Johnnie Dee was in fine form as always, and sang the new songs with great conviction.

The album did not have the commercial success of previous releases, but is still praised by critics as one of Honeymoon Suite’s best recordings ever!

Album Tracks

  • Say You Don't Know Me

  • Bring On the Light

  • If Ya Love Me

  • The Road

  • Little Sister

  • How Long

  • Come

  • Miracle

  • It's Only Love

  • Next To You

  • Stand Alone

  • Buy Now

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